Project management made easy - the ECCSR approach is an accessible, easy-to-use project management handbook for accidental project managers and those just starting in this fascinating area.

ECCSR is a framework created by Joe Houghton, the author - it stands for Ethical Collaboration Creating Sustainable Results.  The framework is a product of 30 years of running projects all over the world and then Joe's experience co-creating a Master's in Project Management at one of the world's leading business schools - University College Dublin's Smurfit Graduate School of Business.  Joe's staff page at UCD can be seen here.

Packed with practical sets of points, the book breaks down setting up and running projects into bite-sized chunks, making it easy to figure out what should be done at any stage.  Examples and other reference materials are liberally scattered throughout, and there are a number of useful glossaries to help you with the inevitable jargon - all written in plain language to demystify and make plain!

A comprehensive table of contents lays out the book structure clearly, and the extensive index lets you locate any key phrase or term quickly wherever it is in the book.

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