The podcast webpage is at https://plusonepodcast.podbean.com/

I'm trying to schedule episodes to be released each Saturday, as this seems to be a day when most people like to download the episodes.

As I release episodes on the podcast they will be featured here as well as on the major podcast players.

I'll also include links to resources mentioned by my speakers.

Do you know someone I should interview for the podcast - an innovative educator who we could all learn from?  If so, please drop me an email to joe.houghton@gmail.com with their details so I can contact them to see if they'd like to be a part of the Plus One project.


OK, I've made an executive decision!  Season 1 of the podcast is the first 16 episodes recorded, and these will form the basis for volume 1 of the book.

I already have another 7 episodes recorded, and will be adding to this to Season 2 - which will start in a week or two, and which will eventually form the basis for volume 2 of the book series.  More to follow as the project unfolds!

Podcast audience April 2021 map